If you’re an entrepreneur, plan on going public or work with people in any capacity, at one point or another, you need to market yourself. This according to the dictionary means to sell or expose for sale in the market.

But as much as I had a strong pull to share every piece of wisdom or perspective I had stashed inside with the world, I felt quite “allergic” to what I had experienced marketing to be. So, I thought, I just won’t do it. Eventually, if the ideas were worth spreading, they would spread. But two years later, I was still hearing crickets! So I began to look for any marketer out there who could change my mind about it…and knowing that there are extraordinary human beings in all walks of life, I knew there must be someone.

I never thought I’d read someone’s blog regularly, let alone daily. But one day, there came a blog that not only got my hooked, I couldn’t even wait to read it.

I make space for it, I contemplate it. And it inspires me daily! I became curious what made it so!

I am very much into spiritual stuff and this person, on the surface, doesn’t appear to be. He’s very practical, business-y, a marketer to be exact. And never in a million years did I think that reading the words of someone like that would be part of my daily practice. I saw marketing as a way of tricking people into paying for something crappy or something that they didn’t need. And this is why I had huge resistance to “marketing” myself in any way. But if I was going to reach anybody, I needed to change that. So, I started looking for someone out there whose vision of what marketing was would inspire!

What made it so interesting and impact-ful?

Surprisingly to me it’s the shortest blog I’ve ever come across. Sometimes it is just a paragraph, usually two to three maximum.

It is evocative- a lot is said with very few words but you get ideas that can change your mindset, the way you do and see things, your culture, and why not even the world.

It’s an agent of change.

It doesn’t impose, it inspires.

It doesn’t point fingers, it gives perspective.

It doesn’t tell you what to do, it makes you think and make educated choices.

It is liberating, yet encourages you to look at and deal with the “uncomfortable”.

It is something the focus of which is deceivingly small but in the end it turns out to be anything but.

It always pertains to the larger picture of our lives and our world and how “little things” and “attitudes” shape them. It uses examples from our daily lives . It opens the scope and broadens the context within which everything functions…as if to remind us that there’s a bigger reason why we are here. 

It’s an invitation to check and see if what we say or do, or not do, or give our focus and attention to, is aligned with that reason…. or not!  And this is by far one of the most powerful things we can do for each other. Remind each other why we’re here and check regularly if we’re staying on track….

In one sentence, what makes this blog so powerful is that it’s a daily reminder that even a single word, thought or action matters and has an impact both when in and out of alignment with our core reason for being here! Now that’s marketing I feel inspired to do!

P.S this person has no idea I am writing this by the way but if you’re curious to check out his blog, it’s here.

P.S 2 One of the things I am most interested in in life is emotional connection. How to connect with each other in a safe, loving space. My two latest videos are dedicated to just that and if you missed them, you can find: The 5 Love Languages here,

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