All they needed to do is tell us that we’re not perfect, that NOBODY is perfect and that perfection is unattainable nevertheless “we should strive for perfection“. A genius formula that basically has the system running itself or more precisely us, investing all of our energy, to run it for THEM . Who is THEM is irrelevant to this discussion and we can look at it in a separate post.

We don’t even know where this came from. Do you remember when and where you heard this first? But we believe it and we live our lives from the standpoint of “knowing” this to be true. What kind of a conundrum is this? I am not perfect, I don’t know what perfection even is, I should strive for perfection but I’ll never reach it…but still I should strive for it….but I’ll never reach it and I don’t even know what this means, and nobody can tell me either….and so on and so forth. A wild goose chase???? You BET!

Of course there is the bait, the alluding of what perfection is, little hints that tell you what it is you should be pursuing. “Well, we don’t really define perfection but here are some suggestions about what it might be, wink, wink.”

I looked up perfection online to find a picture that would represent it. Can you guess what I found? Many images of women’s beautiful Photoshopped faces and bodies- very thin, even toned skin,bodies with no marks, bumps, curves, wobbly bits; women using make up, working out; men’s “perfectly-ripped” bodies (those images didn’t even have faces , sorry guys your faces don’t matter) , bulky, muscular…all along those lines. I saw images of expensive homes (think money); pictures of women getting Botox injections or other medical procedures….you get it.  So, now we sort of know what it is we’re striving for, right???  Plus it is literally all around us-every bus and train stop, every movie, song, social media posts…literally everywhere.

In order for this to work, for those of us who didn’t bite the bait up until this point, they had to tie this whole idea of perfection with one of our basic building blocks as beings- HAPPINESS. Everybody wants to be happy, right? So what they needed to do is convince us that we’re not happy (although happiness is basically part of the energy that we’re made out of, it’s our natural state of being) and tell us that PERFECTION=HAPPINESS . And we bought it friends, we bought it big time. Tell me that you haven’t, at some point in your life, and most likely still today, striven to have at least one of these: the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect marriage/relationship, the perfect business/company, the perfect home, the perfect performance, the perfect reputation, the perfect you and the perfect life! Boom! Now the formula’s got almost everyone. And we go and like cute little hamsters on a wheel, we start chasing, and chasing, and chasing….and the wheel turns to generate enough collective power to create a whole Universe. And we do, we create it, moment to moment, with OUR energy…. but it’s not the Universe WE wanted.

What it took was for us to be convinced that  who and what we were was not enough, we needed to change , to be better, to keep chasing…and the more unattainable that goal was- the better. The harder and longer we’d keep spinning the wheel.

And if they didn’t get you so far, the last piece of the net probably did. The idea that if you thought of yourself as perfect, you wouldn’t move, you wouldn’t learn, you wouldn’t expand, that you’d become a static swamp of un-moving life-less matter. And this is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.

We are in truth natural explorers, fearless and bold, creative adventurers of the multiverse, nothing about us is static …..and nothing on this planet, or others, can’t prevent us from being that. But doing it from a standpoint of spinning a wheel of unattainable goals, that are not really ours, and doing it from our natural energy of expansiveness and a sense of adventure, are universes apart in both how they feel to us, who they serve and the results that they yield.

There’s no one to blame. I look in the mirror and see. I believed that nobody is perfect, that I am not perfect, that perfection is unattainable.

In fact, I uttered these very words just a few days ago. I have been one of those hamsters on the wheel, running and feeding with my energy the “perfect” creation of somebody else.

Who does this serve? Not me, not you, not us, not our families, not our lives, not our collective, not human kind, not our planet.

Perfection, you say? Hmmmmm, look at the sky, the stars, the sunrise, the sunset, your child’s face, their smile, your loved one’s embrace, an act of kindness, the sweetness of your favorite fruit, the aroma of a fragrant flower, the softness of your sheets in your bed, a bite of your favorite meal, the sight of your favorite color, the beauty of nature, the sounds of birds flying free, the list is endless……but mostly….look in the mirror-THIS is PERFECTION. Perfection in human form. You, yes YOU. And, please, don’t, even for a second longer, allow ANYONE to tell you that you need to be anything else other that what you already are. I stop now.

So today, I declare myself PERFECT. I declare myself FREE of external definitions of who I am or what I should be. I stop turning the wheel and I start walking consciously and intently using my energy to create a moment, a day, a life, a Universe that I want- a light, loving, supportive, high frequency Universe of authenticity, of happiness and joy and enough-ness of curiosity and exploration, of collaboration and co-creation, of connection and abundance.

But I am not separate from you, and you are not separate from me. Are you willing to declare YOURSELF PERFECT as well today and walk together and use our collective energy and intent to create the Universe that WE want? I hope you say YES!